Supportive Government

  • Mining encouraged at  EU and Federal Germany Levels
  • Raw Material Supply
  • EU and State grants and subsidies available
  • member of FAME project providing funding for mineral processing test work

The State of Saxony Very Supportive

  • Stated ambition to make the district a centre of mining excellence.
  • Actively encouraging new exploration and development.
  • Local Erzgebirge has 800 years of mining history, world’s oldest School of Mines.

Location Benefits

  • Excellent infrastructure and nearby major markets for potential products.
  • Security of supply is critical for German manufacturers and a has formed a group aimed at securing supply.
  • Germany has much lower mining labour costs than Australia or Canada (around 30-40%) and no tin royalty.
  • There is currently active mining in the district (marble and fluorite) so no new precedents need to be set.