• Commodities and mining stocks currently trading at historically low prices.
  • Tin has been in deficit for seven of the last nine years and as a result, worldwide tin stocks have come down dramatically.
  • The deficit is structural because existing production is in decline and there are not enough good new projects and not enough capital available to fund those new projects.
  • The lack of funding is a reality for all metals but even more so for tin because tin is a much smaller market and therefore is not of interest to the major mining companies despite its attractiveness.
  • Our flagship project, Tellerhauser, is the 7th largest undeveloped tin resource known in the World (Internation Tin Reserach Institute (ITRI) April 2016).
  • Recent work (independent verification of the resources, independent preliminary economic assessment, metallurgical tests) on our main deposit, Tellerhäuser, has made us optimistic about its possible profitability at current prices.
  • Proceeds will be used to progress the project to pre-feasibility study stage by the end of 2017