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Treliver Minerals Ltd (TML) is focussed on tin exploration and development in the county of Cornwall, UK. Cornwall has historically been a major tin producer, with an estimated 2.8 million tonnes of tin produced from the Bronze age (~2000BCE) up until the closure of the last mine, South Crofty, in 1998.  Tin is associated with six granite intrusions that underlie the county and has been historically mined as either alluvial tin in river valleys or as narrow high grade (plus 1% Sn) lodes.  However, it is known that broad low grade stockwork tin systems also exist, but their low grades mean that these were not exploited in the past. These are seen as excellent exploration targets and an analogy can be drawn to the re-working of halos to high grade gold lodes in the goldfields of Western Australia during the 1980s.

All mineral rights are privately owned in Cornwall and TML has an excellent network and database of these, putting it well ahead of the pack for acquiring additional projects.

Treliver Farm

A bulk tonnage, low grade tin deposit associated with stockwork veins and disseminations in a calc-silicate horizon.  This has been diamond drill tested over the last 18 months and a resource has been estimated and reported in compliance with the 2012 JORC code of 4.5Mt grading 0.15% Sn containing 6,700 tonnes tin.  The mineralisation is outcropping at surface, has highly weathered host rocks and simple mineralogy (tin occurs as relatively coarse grained cassiterite) - all highly favourable characteristics.

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St Austell Bay

An offshore alluvial tin project located in St Austell Bay where two very well mineralised streams drain into the sea.  During the last ice age, the sea level was 120m lower than today and the streams were actually onshore.  Subsequent rises in sea level have buried these old stream courses under a thin layer of sand and silt, preserving the alluvial tin deposits.  Negotiations to access this area are at an advanced stage with the Crown Estate.

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Godolphin Hill

A typical Cornwall lode style project in an area that has previously produced over 40,000t tin.  This has not been drill tested to date as additional mineral rights are currently being negotiated.

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Project Locations

I am extremely pleased that we have been able to report resource estimates for the Tellerhauser project in accordance with the 2012 JORC Code & Guidelines. This resource now sits as one of the largest undeveloped tin deposits in the world and also boasts one of the highest tin equivalent grades. Tellerhauser is also the largest and highest grade indium deposit reported in accordance with 2012 JORC guidelines in the world. Our aim now is to increase the category of estimation by collecting underground samples to confirm the previous assaying.

Mark Thompson - Treliver's Chairman

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